I’m concerned about duplicate pages for SEO

We don’t create new pages, just add a parameter to your URLS. Google just sees the original page and URL structure. What we recommend if Google results are important is to run the tool, then once it looks like a winner I’d change the Title to the winner and the original URL. Remove the other titles. We are working on a fix to make this easier.


Advanced users:

  • Utilize the parameter tools in Google’s Webmaster Tools and set the Headline plugin’s unique parameter as “Representative URL.” You’ll find this in Webmaster Tools under “Crawl > URL Parameters.” More details on the setting URL parameters can be found at this Google support document.
  • Make sure you have canonical URLs setup on your WordPress website. Many SEO plugin tools will have this available out of the box, with the popular tool being Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin. More details on canonical URLs usage scenarios can be found at the Google documentation here.

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