Frequently Asked Questions


Do the “losing” URLs eventually 301 redirect to the winner?

Right now they don’t. You can do this manually.  This is because Headlines is designed to run in realtime for an indeterminate amount of time so there is no clear winner.

I’m concerned about duplicate pages for SEO

We don’t create new pages, just add a parameter to your URLS. Google just sees the original page and URL structure. What we recommend if Google results are important is to run the tool, then once it looks like a winner … Continue reading

How do I install Headlines?

Click the title “How do I install Headlines” for step-by-step directions.

Does Headlines create headlines for me?

No, Headlines is used to calculate existing headlines. You create the headlines and Headlines tests which one performs best against your website traffic.

Can I remove a title after the optimization starts?

Yes, you can remove the title at any time. Click on remove next to the title within the post you are optimizing.

Can I leave the split tests running indefinitely? Will it recognize who is the winner and automatically set it as the winning headline?

Yup! You can leave it running indefinitely. That’s the beauty as the tool auto chooses a winner 🙂

Will Headlines work in my language?

Yes, Headlines works for all languages 🙂

* KingSumo

Does Headlines and/or Giveaways only work for WordPress?

Yes, Headlines and Giveaways are only available for websites. There are no other options available at this time.


Does it support different languages?

Yes, most of the fields are editable in the editor and any that are not can easily be edited in the template or you can make a completely new template in your local language.

How do I install Giveaways?

Click “How do I install Giveaways” for step-by-step installation instructions.

Does Giveaways integrate with my e-mail marketing service?

We currently integrate with and automatically push emails to the following email providers: Aweber Campaign Monitor GetResponse Mailchimp ConvertKit ActiveCampaign Need help adding that integration?  Here’s how to do it!  

How do I setup my first giveaway?

Click “How do I setup my first giveaway?” for a video with step-by-step directions:

Can I remove the “Powered by KingSumo” badge?

Yes you can. There are two ways to accomplish this. You can either remove it from the template PHP file (rules.php) but then you will have to manage your template through upgrades. The second option involves using CSS to simply … Continue reading

Is KingSumo available in my language?

Advanced: You can edit the HTML template in the plugin folder. ks-giveaways > ks-giveaways > templates > responsive3 Read the “README_MODIFYING.txt” first. We recommend having a web developer make these changes for you.

Is Giveaways compliant with Facebook’s terms of service?

We created Giveaways to be FB compliant but please review FB terms as they are subject to change. You can view Facebook’s TOS here.

Can we add images to our Giveaway?

Yes, you can add 3 images and a background image.

Can we add additional fields beside email address?

Unfortunately no. We’ve done hundreds of tests and having more fields dramatically kills conversion rate. Causing people to stop and think will not allow your giveaway to become viral. You can edit your confirmation e-mail template with a question or … Continue reading

Can we change fonts/css?

Yes, but it’s advanced and we strongly recommend you have a professional web developer handle it. Here are the directions: In the templates dir theres a README_MODIFYING.txt to clone+modify the template. In advanced you can also paste in additional footer … Continue reading

I received a weird error about T_PAAMAYIM_NEUDOTAYIM, what’s up with that?

If you receive an error similar to Parse error*: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM, expecting T_VARIABLE in *<file>* on line *<number>* make sure you are using PHP 5.3 or newer.  PHP5.2 is over 5 years old and is no longer actively maintained. If you are … Continue reading

My site is hosted on WP Engine, will giveaways still work?

Yep but WP Engine have pretty heavy caching rules so you should contact support and have them add exclude rules for /giveaways/.  We have provided a template below. Hi, I use the KingSumo Giveaways which relies heavily on dynamic content. … Continue reading

Can I use the email template to email contestants at anytime or just when the contestant enters the giveaway?

The e-mail template is only for when a contestant first enters your giveaway. You will need to manually e-mail your contestants if you wish to communicate with them further.

Does Kingsumo draw the winner for me? How do I do that?

To pick a winner for your giveaway: * head to your WordPress admin dashboard. * go to KingSumo Giveaways > All Giveaways and hover your mouse over the giveaway you want to draw a winner for. * click on “Manage … Continue reading

Why isn’t my Entry Email arriving after users enter the giveaway?

It sounds like your webhost is using “shared hosting” where many different clients are hosted on the same server. This is common for economy hosting plans, or sites that don’t need to handle enormous amounts of traffic. Solution: As shared … Continue reading

Can I add a Tracking Pixel or some other extra code/scripts to my Giveaway Page or the Share Page?

Yes! You can add Tracking and Conversion Pixels by going to your WP Admin dashboard and then Settings > KingSumo Giveaways > Advanced tab. From there, you’ll see a “Extra Footer” and “Extra Contestant Footer” section. The first is for … Continue reading