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With Valentine's Day as its highlight, February is **THE** month for romance. And what could be more romantic than a stoic, man's man of a hero who's secretly nursed an unrequited love for years? Especially when the woman of his dreams suddenly comes back into his life?

Such is the case with David Tanner Smith, hero of STOLEN ENCOUNTERS WITH THE DUCHESS. A farmer's orphan, Davie's drive and talent were recognized by the aristocratic employer who sponsored his education. He crowned his success by winning a seat in Parliament beside the friends and fellow reformers he met at Oxford.

But despite his rise as a politician, he's still socially far beneath Faith Wellingford, aristocrat's daughter who is now a widowed Duchess. Nonetheless, when he unexpectedly encounters Faith again, alone and in need, he can't keep himself from offering whatever help he can. Friendship is more than he ever expected—can he dare hope to earn her love?

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