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Sometimes, after devoting her life to caring for others, a lady receives an unexpected opportunity to take a daring step and claim what she wants. Such is the case with Caragh Sudley, heroine of SEDUCTIVE STRANGER.

Caragh has run the household since the early death of her mother, caring for her scholarly father and doing her best to raise her talented, unconventional sister. Taking Ailis to London for a Season so the Beauty might have her best chance to marry well, Caragh enlists the help of the Sudleys' friend and neighbor, Quentin Burke. Though for Caragh, Quentin is more than a friend, he's the man she has always loved, he's never seen her as more than his neighbor's responsible, practical elder daughter.

But when Ailis creates a scandal in London that ends her Season, Caragh is suddenly free to pursue what she truly wants. Will she settle for a conventional marriage to a conventional suitor—or seize the chance to assume a secret identity and seduce the man she's always wanted, Quentin Burke?

As another Christmas gift, SEDUCTIVE STRANGER is part of a two-in-one volume. So you'll win not just this story, but also a copy of New York Times best-selling author Heather Graham's novel, FORBIDDEN FIRE.

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