Most bears hibernate but Kathy Lyons' Grizzlies are going WILD ... for an Amazon Gift Card!

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It's winter and the grizzlies are all tucked up for the winter, except for Kathy Lyons's famous shifters! And to keep the noise down, Kathy is giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card to a reader, because as we all know, when you read a Kathy Lyons book you're sure to laugh.

If you didn't know this, then check out the latest Grizzlies Gone Wild: BOUND TO THE BEAR.

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Some men aren't meant to be tamed.

What this bear wants, this bear gets.

Hard-bodied and military-trained shifter Hank Coleman will always do what’s best for the clan. With a mysterious virus ravaging the city and transforming anyone with shifter DNA into dangerously unstable hybrids, that means asking a human scientist for help. Hank knows that getting Dr. Cecilia Lu involved will mean exposing the shifter world and his black bear self, but it’s the animal attraction that sparks between them that could be the real danger.

Cecilia trusts data and what she can see with her own two eyes. So when the hottest man she’s ever met transforms into a bear right in front of her, she has no choice but to accept that shifters are real. And with hybrids attacking humans and shifters turning on their own kind, Hank and Cecilia have zero time to fight the desire that’s burning hotter by the minute. But war is brewing between the shifters, and Cecilia will be forced to choose between the world of men . . . and the world of her sexy beast.

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