'Whispers' Water Park Giveaway

VALUE: $225





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My debut novel, Whispers From The Depths, is launching. It features adventure, water spirits, and a terrifying fight to survive against the water. What better way to celebrate than by sending your family on your own water adventure? (Hopefully the spirits of the wave pool won't have a vendetta against you).

No strings attached here. This book launch is a big event for me, and I want to share the excitement by giving something away. Up to $200 in water park tickets, to a park of your choosing, paid for out of my own pocket.

Oh, and the winner will also receive a signed hardcover copy of Whispers From the Depths. You'll have something to read while you're sitting by the pool.

So sign up for the drawing, and share the news with friends and family. Give them a chance to win, too.

The basic rules are as follows:

  1. Must be 21 or older.
  2. No purchase necessary.
  3. Yes, author C.W. Briar is really buying these tickets with his own money. He's sending someone else's family to a water park instead of his own. His kids aren't thrilled about this.
  4. I will contact the winner to determine which water park they want to go to (no guarantee, though, that it will be the park they choose, and it must be a water park).
  5. I will purchase tickets with a combined, pre-tax cost of up to $200 USD. Any purchases beyond the $200 limit are at the discretion of the purchaser, C.W. Briar. (For example, I would purchase 2 tickets at $70 each, but a third ticket would not be purchased due to the combined cost reaching $210 - unless I decide to be extra generous)
  6. The winner may transfer the prize to someone else, but only at the discretion of the purchaser, C.W. Briar.
  7. Social media interactions and purchase link visits will provide entrants with additional chances to win.
  8. Your email will be used to let you know about book release news from C.W. Briar. I will NEVER share or sell your email info (because I'm not shady like that), and I will NEVER spam your email inbox (because I'm too lazy to do that).
  9. Family members are not eligible to win.
  10. Estimated value of the hardcover book = $25. A paperback copy will be provided if the hardcover version cannot be acquired.

-C.W. Briar

Giveaway Timezone: EST
Offered By: C.W. Briar