Frequently Asked Questions

How much does KingSumo cost?

KingSumo has different plans, including a COMPLETELY free option for everyone and anyone to use without paying a dime. If you’d like to remove our KingSumo branding from your giveaway, then it costs only $8/month (charged yearly). Much less than other business tools!

Can I use the old WordPress version?

Absolutely! If you prefer to continue using the old WordPress version, you can. We recommend the WordPress version if you want full WordPress integration. Otherwise, give the new version a try.

If you want to check out the FAQ for the WordPress version, click here.

I use the WordPress version. Why isn’t my login working for the web app?

If you already have the WordPress plugin, you’ll need to register again. This new web app version is different than the WordPress plugin version. We’ll continue to support both, but since they’re two separate products you can register for each.

How do I install giveaways?

You do not need to download or install anything. Once your giveaway is saved and live, you can share the KingSumo URL of your giveaway. We also have an embed code you can embed on any page of your site coming soon.

How do I resend confirmation emails?

Go to "Dashboard" and click on "Contestants" for your current giveaway. You can see all the contestants and resend your confirmation emails as necessary. We’ll be adding a bulk option in the future to make this easier to bulk send.

How do I remove spam entries?

The easiest way to remove spam entries is to wait until your giveaway is completed, export the list of entrants, and look at their referral source. For example, many spam entries come from giveaway sites which you can identifying through the referral source and URL. We’re also working on easier ways to remove spam entries, so stay tuned.

Where do I go to set up my Mailchimp and/or Zapier?

Go to "Account Integrations". You’ll see the fields to add your MailChimp and Zapier API keys, which connect your accounts directly.

Are you able to limit the location of contestants?

Unfortunately we are not able to restrict entrants based on based on location right now. But we’re working on it!

I have multiple prizes but there’s only one prize field. Where can I add the other prizes?

For now, you can only give away one prize. But we’re working on allowing you to add more prizes, so stay tuned.

How do I edit the rules?

Right now we have a rock-solid rules page for everyone to use as default. We’ll be adding the option for you to change your rules in a later version of KingSumo.