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Do you like rock star themed contemporary romance? What about books with billionaires/heirs? My new release, Love Deserved, covers both with a slightly different twist. It's also the final installment in this hot new trilogy.

Read the synopsis below:

He refuses to let her go. She struggles to hide the truth.

Life on the road isn't what Ayden McAllister wants. Countless cities and endless parties are the least of his concerns. The nightmares about Mia leave him shaken and desperate to return to Music Haven. He knows Mia is keeping secrets, but she's not the only one. Izzy is hiding the truth from him too.

Forcing Ayden to leave on tour crushed Mia. So did lying to him, but she had no choice. If he knew the truth, he would put his career in jeopardy. The secret she carries complicates everything. Now Ayden's back demanding the answers he never received.

No matter how much resistance he faces, Ayden refuses to back down. The closer he gets to discovering Mia's secret, the more relentless he becomes. Afraid of his reaction, as well as her sister's, Mia must make the ultimate choice. She can protect the people she loves by leaving Music Haven, or can she reveal the truth, risk losing Ayden, and send her sister spiraling out of control.

Can their love survive the ultimate test? Find out in Love Deserved, an intriguing rock star romance intended for fans of Corinne Michaels and Jayne Frost


Get the final installment of this mesmerizing new romance trilogy!

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