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Generation: Freedom

How The Internet Killed The Day Job

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We had the privilege to review this movie and loved it so much. We couldn't think of a better way to share it, then giving 5 people access to this movie, for FREE. We think this could be one way we can help people jump start the micro business or side hustle they've been dreaming of.

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"I'm wasting my life pursuing a living. I battle non-stop emails, unnecessary meetings, overbearing coworkers, and a company that doesn't care about me.

I know I'll be ordering off the senior menu before I see the world or spend quality time with those I love. I'm excited on Friday, and depressed on Sunday.

I struggle to find time for what matters. I feel guilty for taking vacation days. I put my dreams on hold. I'm stuck on the hamster wheel. I'm supposed to do this for 40 years.

I'm burned out."

Millions of people working regular jobs, with regular families, regular responsibilities, and regular lives have these thoughts every day. 76% of Americans say money and work are the leading causes of stress. Rising rents and increasing student loan debt have pushed the national retirement to age 75 for recent graduates.

In Generation Freedom, filmmakers Christopher Sakr and Michael Hall take you on a cross-country journey through the lifestyles and minds of a few ordinary people who have broken out of today's nine-to-five prison. Some of them make millions, others make a living, but none of them work a conventional job, trading money for their most valuable asset: time.

Experts like Paula Pant (Afford Anything), Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneurs on Fire), Andrew Warner (Mixergy) and many others reveal their secrets to creating low maintenance and passive income streams-a blueprint to time, location, and financial independence-while some newcomers in the space bravely embark on walking away from their secure day jobs to better their lives, their family's lives, and pursue their dreams.

Generation Freedom will inspire you with what happens when individuals courageously and intelligently shape their lives around an essential question: "What would I do with my life if I didn't have to trade time for money?" Generation Freedom, live your dream on your own terms.

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