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We scoured our calendars for any excuse to offer a grander-than-usual AppSumo giveaway. 

We’re talking the goliath of all software freebies…

The Sumo-sized giveaway to put all other Fridays and discounts to shame...

The way we see it, Black Friday discounts are fun and all, but wouldn’t it be better with free stuff?

Or even better: How about we give you $1,500 for a wild and free digital shopping spree + access to all 10 of our super-secret 2019 Black Friday lifetime deals, all while tacos rain on you from the heavens? (Disclaimer: our lawyers told us we couldn't actually do that.)

So while grandma shops 50% off Christmas sweaters and dad's eyeing that 76” TV he'll never be allowed to buy, here’s what you could be taking home this Black Friday:

  • $1,000 AppSumo Shopping Spree*
  • $500 to spend on ANY software, AppSumo or otherwise (Just send us your invoice up to $500 and we’ll take care of it!)
  • Access to ALL 10 top-secret 2019 AppSumo Black Friday deals 

All these prizes could be yours for FREE.

And you know what else is free? Entering your name into this giveaway. 

Go ahead, click the magic button below (then close your eyes and imagine thousands of tacos raining on you from on-high)

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*$1,000 in AppSumo credits good for any applicable software deal currently live in the AppSumo store

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